Safety and reliability

The safety and reliability of every licensed taxi driver and his/her vehicle is assured.

All licensed London taxi drivers undergo extensive criminal record checks as well as medical checks. This ensures that every driver can be trusted and relied upon to deliver a safe and comfortable journey. All drivers also have to learn the world famous Knowledge of London,
  providing them with an unrivalled detailed knowledge of every street and point of interest in the City. This can take more than 3 years to learn and proves that every driver has invested a huge amount of time in learning their trade. Having the Knowledge means your driver always takes the most efficient route, saving you time and money. This is also safer than a driver trying to read a map book or SatNav
system all the time! Drivers are fully licensed and regulated by Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police.  To find out more about The Knowledge click here

  Drivers are fully licensed and regulated by Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police.

Every driver has a unique badge number - a totally unique identifier issued and regulated by Transport for London, which the driver is obliged to keep with him/her at all times.

Any comments relating to a licensed taxi driver can be forwarded to the Public Carriage Office, the section of Transport for London which looks after the licensed London taxi trade. For contact details click here.

Every single taxi in London is fully wheelchair accessible, and they also feature a host of other accessibility aids, click here to find out more about the accessibility of London taxis.

All licensed London taxis are fully licensed, regulated and inspected by Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police. Every single licensed taxi in London is subject to the same stringent regulations ensuring the comfort and safety of every passenger.

The traditional London taxi is easily recognisable and only Licensed taxis have a fully regulated taximeter, evident by the illuminated yellow For Hire sign on the roof.
Features include:
  • Seatbelts for all passengers
  • Partition window and motion sensitive door locking for ultimate privacy and protection
  • Roof and floor lighting
  • Grab handles
  • A strong and robust build quality making it one of the safest vehicles on the road

All taxis can carry a minimum of 5 passengers, with an increasing number being able to carry 6.

In addition to the registration number every licensed taxi has a licence plate number, displayed on the rear boot lid of the vehicle, as well as inside the passenger cabin. This unique number identifies the taxi.
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