Book a taxi
London taxis are easy to hail from the street, but you can also make bookings for taxis online or over the phone.

You can make advance bookings for special trips or simply ask for a taxi as soon as possible. Usually you will get a licensed taxi within 15 minutes.

There are a number of radio taxi operators in London, you can access them all using one simple number:
0871 871 8710

Alternatively call the below taxi operators to book or to open an account.

Computer Cab plc: (020) 7908 0207
Dial-a-Cab: (020) 7253 5000
Radio Taxis:(020) 7272 0272

All of these taxi operators accept most major credit cards and will typically charge a transaction fee of between 10-12.5% for credit card transactions.


Cabcharge is a worldwide taxi charge card meaning you can take trips in taxis almost anywhere on the globe and charge the trip to a single account. In London all of the taxis operated by Computer Cab plc, the market leader in taxi services, can accept Cabcharge cards.

If you hold a Cabcharge card, visit the Cabcharge international website to book online, anywhere in the world.

Or call: (020) 7908 0271

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