Fares and Prices
As well as being safe, reliable and accessible, London taxis are great value too.
All licensed taxis have a fully regulated taximeter, updated and controlled by Transport for London.
The metered fare is displayed to you at all times during your journey, ensuring a fair and transparent cost for every trip. Every taxi carries a tariff sheet displaying the current metered charges. Click here to see the current meter tariff sheet.
There is a minimum fare on all taxi trips of £2.20, thereafter the taxi meter ticks over on the time and distance of the journey.
London taxis offer great value as 5 passengers can all travel at no more cost than one person-as there are no extra charges for additional passengers or luggage.
For a family of 5 travelling to Heathrow you can save up to 20% by taking a taxi rather than direct train services. Unlike minicabs, licensed taxis are permitted to use most bus lanes, most notably on the M4 motorway, the main route into central London from Heathrow. At busy times this save 30-45 minutes on your transfer time to/from Heathrow airport.
There is also a myth that 'minicabs' are often cheaper than taxis- this is untrue and as there is no regulation on minicab pricing the operator can charge you whatever he feels like.  Also, because minicab drivers have no formal Knowledge training, the journey make take longer and cost you more. 

How to use the fare estimator

Click the image below, you will need to enter or select pick up points and any stops including your final destination for your journey. This can be achieved using a number of methods:

  • Enter a postcode
  • Double click the map at the point
  • Drag a point to a more accurate location
  • Enter a street address
  • Enter a landmark or place name
  • Select an airport
Once all stops are entered click 'Calculate Price' to display the estimates for your taxi ride.

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