Taxis or minicabs?

There are nearly twice as many minicabs (private hire vehicles) as taxis in London. So why do people who want safe, reliable and accessible transport choose taxis for a more assured journey?

Here's a useful comparison:

The largest problem with minicabs is the cost. To begin with they do not have taximeters fitted and so can charge you what they want, this will often be a best guess based on the distance of the job.

Secondly, the fares are often higher than in a taxi, and the journeys can take longer as drivers do not need to have any topographical knowledge of the area they work. It stands to reason that if you don't know where you're going you're more likely to get lost. This means the journey will take longer and be longer- when you're getting charged by the mile that means you'll pay more for a slower journey all around the streets and houses!
  What about SatNavs?

Satellite Navigation systems are commonly use by many motorist. But safety is paramount and on London's streets would you really want a driver who doesn't know where he's going and could end up in a dark alley because the SatNav told him it was the best way to go? Apart from anything else a professional driver should watch the road- not a 3 inch screen on a SatNav.

Choose a licensed taxi and you'll have a driver who can concentrate on the road while you relax and get to where you want to be on time and without
worrying if the driver might take a wrong turn. SatNavs are notorious for going out of date quickly. Taxi drivers make it their business to know changes and closures to streets- information a SatNav can't tell you.

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